Exclusive Interview – Get to know Brooke Tess!
By: David
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Date: Aug 27, 2013

Attention TessNation! Its about that time for another BrookeTess.com exclusive interview with the one and only Brooke Tessmacher! This interview is a little bit different from the last, not focusing so much on wrestling, but getting to know a little more about Brooke! In this interview, you will get to know what Brooke thinks about the latest trending topics such as Miley Cyrus, special diets, fashion icons and what she can’t leave her house without! So if you’re ready, here we go!

What are your other projects you’re currently working on other than TNA Wrestling?
I am working on a huge supplement sponsorship to become the face of the brand. I can’t let you in yet on who but looking forward to closing the deal with this wonderful company! Will be pretty exciting.

Growing up, did you ever expect yourself to be where you are currently?
What I have accomplished and the path I chose for my career is definitely not where I saw myself. I wanted to be a veterinarian, nurse, or forensic scientist….. Hummm how did I get here again? Lol.

If people didn’t know you, what would you most like them to know about yourself, that someone might not be aware of?
I am deep down very very shy.

Would you consider yourself a sex symbol?
Me a Sex symbol? Of course. I have cashed in my entire career using my looks and cute hiney :) .

Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss are just a few of the fashion icons of today, who would you say is your current favorite style icon?
There isn’t just one. I love J-lo’s style, Beyonce takes risks, and Blake Lively is so classic.

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That isn’t all we have for you guys! Be sure to checkout these exclusive shots from one of Brooke’s favorite photoshoot she has done! More shots will be released in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy these 4 amazing photos from the photoshoot!